About Us

Welcome to Pazzion India International

We founded Pazzion India International to do more. To be more. More than a range of high-quality, 100% organic & natural goods. More than environmentally sustainable. And more than being about giving back to the farmers who make it possible. We`ve been doing it all ever since we started. And we`ll keep doing it all - with even bigger impacts for the better - as we expand our reach worldwide.


Pazzion India International was built on the idea of creating an efficient bridge between small farmers in India and buyers across the world seeking high-quality organic & natural produce. We adopted an integrated approach from farm to sale to make the process as efficient, transparent and fair as possible. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve through constant innovation; by forecasting customer demands and investing in the best infrastructure possible.

Pazzion India International started out as a small trading company, sourcing and supplying organic & natural produce from India to buyers internationally. Our goal, along with bringing healthy and socially-responsible goods to the market, was to ensure the well-being of small and marginal farmers. As a trading company, we ensure that the products met rigorous global quality and certification standards.


Today Pazzion India International is directly working with farmers across different Indian states, to procure organic & natural produce. All products are processed in certified world-class facilities from start to finish, and monitored all the way from procurement to delivery. Our end-to-end supply chain guarantees transparency and traceability, and the highest quality products that our customers have come to expect.